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Access to Education

Mt. SAC adapted quickly to confront the dangers posed by coronavirus.  While most courses have moved online, we maintain in-person classes for essential services such as nursing, EMT, and fire fighting.  Mt. SAC must adhere to state health guidelines and constantly evaluate its ability to bring courses back on campus in a way that is safe for faculty, staff and students. 

Fiscal Responsibility

Mt. SAC recently passed Measure GO, a $700 billion bond measure that will modernize our campus and make it more accessible and relevant not just to our students but to the broader community.  I am excited by the projects that are in the pipeline. Strong fiscal oversight is needed in administering the funds, and when possible we must bring the dollars back to the community through local hiring practices.

Campus Safety

Campus safety is paramount.  Our faculty, staff, and students must feel safe when they are on campus and we must remain good neighbors to our surrounding community.  My emphasis for our campus security team has and will remain focused on de-escalation.  Our current relationship with the sheriff's department is a strong and positive one and that must be maintained. 

Academic Equity

Mt. SAC must build upon its existing academic successes by pursuing equity in academics as well as in hiring.  We must do more to recruit, retain, and promote qualified and diverse faculty that reflect the incredible community that we serve.  We must also be responsive to student requests for robust ethnic studies offerings. Finally, we must relieve bottlenecks in crucial transfer classes so our students can graduate on time.

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